Fully air-conditioned Yoga / Aerobics room

Yoga is really a systematic way of healing and maintaining good health of your body. It’s becoming a usual practice in society. The practices of yoga help us to transcend the physical and mental limitations and come to the easeful state of simply being true self. Aerobics is also another way of maintaining your health […]

What’s best in flooring?

Is should be based on your taste of interior design, that the materials of flooring to be selected. Usually tiles are selected for easy maintenance and for strong fitting. Tiles are available in two types, ceramic tiles basically used in wash area and vitrified tile for other areas of house. Vitrified tile Vitrified tile produced […]

Waste Management System

Our city is turning into a quickly developing city in the state with different improvements so as the population and relocation of other citizens to our city. As a characteristic result of the quick urbanization, the issue of waste disposal has become a burden on general society. It’s our duty and social responsibility to keep […]

Two fully furnished Guest Suites on the first floor

VKL Gardens coordinate every single part of group living. The shocking structural engineering complimented with extravagant amenities facilitates a classy life style. The peaceful atmosphere with an inviting ambience gives you a peace and sophistication. VKL Gardens are providing two guest suites in their apartments in first floor which are perfect for short term business […]

Let your interiors be contemporary and traditional

Simple and humble tricks to beautify your interior- VKL Builders- Apartments , Villas at Trivandrum

To make interior more traditional and trendy, then put forth the idea of Jail work. This is mostly used for separating rooms without losing its view and also makes possible to enter fresh air and light to the rooms. Giving left jail work enables easy passage of light throughout the entire room and makes your […]

VKL’s Commercial Zone

One of the fundamental fortes of VKL apartment is the Commercial Zone concentrated just for VKL group individuals. This space is provided in the ground floor of around 20,000 sq.ft. Commercial zone is having restaurant, food court, super market and other shops with all facilities needed for family living. VKL Restaurants offers you a relaxed […]

To Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving to a new apartment naturally makes you everything new, because you are not familiar with the neighborhood or the society. So the new location isn’t quite as comfortable as you’d like it to be. As good news, these facts of discomfort won’t last for long. Here are some of the process that you can […]

Self Shelf

No more specialists required for rack fitting. With some old materials we can make it our own shelf According to the change of home interior design, the shelf design is also changing. It is not at all a hard job to change the self and fit the new one based on your idea. Your own […]