Self Shelf

No more specialists required for rack fitting. With some old materials we can make it our own shelf

According to the change of home interior design, the shelf design is also changing. It is not at all a hard job to change the self and fit the new one based on your idea. Your own personal touch can reflect much beauty to your living zone. Here are some of the ideas of making your own shelf with your old house accessories

1. Ladder Shelf: Give a look on the beneath picture, with no clarification you can perceive the thought of fitting the rack. Before fitting you have to clean the wooden step with sand paper and applying some varnish to make a clear wooden effect. After that fit the stepping stool evenly to makes a modern and in stylish bookshelf. This can be utilized as a part of kitchen for setting utensils, in washroom for putting wash room things, in children space for putting their toys, story books and so forth. Taking into account your thought you can put it anyplace of your living range to outline your interior setting.

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2. Chair rack: Who let you know that chairs can be utilized just for sitting? Here giving a twofold part for utilizing the chair. By fitting the chair on an essential level about 6 feet on wall, you can utilize the seat to keep books and cloths. What’s more the legs of the chair can do? Yes, the legs of the chair can be utilized as clothing stand. This idea of setting a chair will change your inside statute.

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3. Tennis Mirror: Is the below image gives your interior a sporty look? Yes this truly looks funny and lively. From your old tennis bat you can make a mirror which gives a genuine impact to inside configuration. Expel the string from the bat and spot tennis bat formed mirror. You can hang it on the divider of your room, children room or on the living range.

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