Fully air-conditioned Yoga / Aerobics room

Yoga is really a systematic way of healing and maintaining good health of your body. It’s becoming a usual practice in society. The practices of yoga help us to transcend the physical and mental limitations and come to the easeful state of simply being true self. Aerobics is also another way of maintaining your health and mind.

VKL builders are providing these amenities in their apartments for the betterment of the people. They provided a large room with green frontage to built-up the atmosphere. In order to achieve maximum balance during your yoga practice it’s important that the floor should be hard. So the interior flooring of yoga room is designed with hard wood and beautiful rugs.

The other specialty of yoga room is the lighting, the designers have tried to unleash as much natural light as possible, as many yoga practitioners find that sunlight helps to energize them. The room is also fully air conditioned, so that it allows you to keep fresh. The studio is also equipped with music system, which can be utilized for both yoga and aerobic practices. Based on the instructors advice you can hear instrumental music if you want to calm your mind and body or pop or rock band to power up your yoga.

VKL is also providing a good teacher of yoga for better instructions for the practitioners. Based on their guidance you can make up your yoga class to a point. They will be a useful help guide for your mental and physical health doubts.

The room also contains yoga practicing equipments like yoga mat, blocks for aerobic dancing etc… It is designed with a huge mirror wall, making it a piece of decorative element of the space and looks awesome.

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