Waste Management System

Our city is turning into a quickly developing city in the state with different improvements so as the population and relocation of other citizens to our city. As a characteristic result of the quick urbanization, the issue of waste disposal has become a burden on general society. It’s our duty and social responsibility to keep our city clean.

Based on this fact, VKL builders in all their projects have managed to keep waste management system for the betterment of the people. VKL is providing a unit for water disposal and recycling in all of their apartments. Each apartment managers are strictly following the rule on waste management. Waste management in the apartment is a vital part of keeping your apartment clean through which you can add to the reason for getting your city rid of garbage menace.

Waste management is the most important problem facing by our urban citizens. There is no need to wait government or local authorities to take up the action for waste disposal. So it’s better to self volunteer the action for successful stories. VKL apartments are conducting awareness programs for their community people. This enables the society to build up the action for waste disposal based on their ideas.

There are various kinds of wastes generated in apartments, which are to be segregated and separated at every household. The apartment provides different colored garbage bag to separate dry and wet waste. The team working under this section will collect the bags from each flat and dump into the unit provided for waste disposal for recycling.

The waste disposal unit provided by VKL benefits the community to be clean and hygienic, Reduce waste from each flats kitchen bin and helps environment by giving fertilizers or bio gas. The unit is smell free and mess free which won’t disturb the neighbor living beings. So kindly take a step forward to clean your surroundings for the next generation to live on; VKL has already set forth a step against garbage menace to make our city clean and hygienic…

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