Our Services

VKL services is born out of the company’s commitment to stand by its clientele. When you decide to opt for a VKL built home, the company goes all out to safeguard your interests. Because VKL believes in building not just better homes but better living too, After the handing over of the completed projects, VKL has unique after sales services including HomeCare and Interiors.

Interior Decor division

VKL group has within its fold an international interior designing firm named SAACH. The VKL Interior division can ably handle the decking up of your interior spaces with aplomb.

Rental arrangements

VKL services can arrange high value renting of your home, if you are obliged to reside elsewhere or you are an NRI. VKL services will see that the tenants are of bonafide nature and the documentation and rentals are prompt.

Our services includes :-

  • Finding tenants.
  • Execution of contract.
  • Pre and Post Inspection of Apartments.
  • Collection of Rental and Advance Cheque.

Homecare Division

Homecare is an optional service offered exclusively to VKL home owners. By enrolling with homecare, one can avail a broad range of utility, property management and allied services. Right from housekeeping, periodical maintenance and upkeep, trouble shooting of electrical and plumbing installations, remittance of statutory payments come under the purview of Home care division. The care of your home is best left to the Professional who built it. All that it costs you is a nominal annual sum.

Our Home Care division will provide following services.

House Keeping

  • House cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing & Electrical maintenance
  • Carpentry and Masonry jobs

Remittance of bills

  • Electric bills
  • Telephone bills
  • Association dues
  • Taxes due to local bodies of government
  • Insuring your property, if required
  • Annual cable TV charges
  • Monthly maintenance charges


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